General FAQ

Buying a license is very easy, you just have to follow these 5 simple steps.
The processing and delivery of the license code requires that we verify certain information. Moreover, we need this data to prepare an invoice or a payment voucher to send to you after the purchasing.
With us, your information is safe from third parties. You can learn more about our privacy policy at this link.
We do not handle payments, only receive them. Our site implements CaixaBank and Paypal payment gateways, which are totally reliable and safe.
License codes are shipped as soon as we check the payment. This is performed four times a day. If we detect any error of any kind in the payment we will contact you by email. You can claim at any time sending a mail to You will be properly attended.
You will get the invoice via email as soon as we confirm the payment. If you receive the license code and not receive the invoice within 24 hours, please contact us at
The license code may not correspond with the key you sent. If this happens, it may be that we were wrong managing the license code. Please forward the product key to and we will solve your problem. Note that each computer needs its own license code.
No, each license code is unique and can only be used on one computer.
Your purchase is recorded in our systems, and you are registered as a client. You can ask to receive your license at any time.
Once product is activated all limitations are removed. That’s it.

PowerNotes FAQ

No. The product has a fully functional demo mode, whose only limitation is the number of notes that can be done for each spread. If you purchase the product, the behavior is the same, except for the number of notes, that is unlimited.
Yes, notes done in demo mode can be edited by the user after PowerNotes is licensed.
Yes, notes done by other users are not editable by you. Your notes will never be editable for other users, whether with a PowerNotes in demo mode or licensed. For them, perception is the same.
To allow another user be able to edit your notes, he must know your login (chosen name) and password.